The Best Foods To Help Get Rid Of Stretch Marks…For Good

I always thought that stretch marks were reserved for pregnant females exclusively. However, after gaining a great deal of weight during my college years I discovered I had a false belief on the matter. Being very body conscious I was already embarrassed by my sudden weight gain, and having stretch marks around my hips was only adding to humiliation. However, my mother informed me that while the marks won’t disappear overnight there are foods that can help them fade.

According to my mother, and information found online, some of the most effective foods to get rid of these unsightly stretch marks include zinc-rich and vitamin-rich products. Zinc-rich items include things like fish, Brazil nuts and turkey; whereas vitamin-rich products refer to sweet potato, carrots and blueberries. Unfortunately, I only eat two or three of these items. Rafkinna also has a great guide to removing stretch marks from your body.

I asked my mother how any of these foods can assist in removing stretch marks. She stated that the products contribute to collagen production, which is the connective tissue holding skin together. Vitamins also contribute to skin cell growth which can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

In the end, it seems I will have to overcome my dislike for Brazil nuts if I want to remove these embarrassing marks.

The Most Common Weight Loss Surgeries

Many people want to lose weight and get healthy, and the most common advice is to simply eat a healthier diet and get more exercise. While this can work for some people, weight loss is not so easy for others. If you are looking for another way to help yourself lose weight, you might want to consider some of the best and most effective surgical alternatives.

There are two basic types of weight loss surgeries. Restrictive surgeries (like tummy tuck surgeries) essentially shrink your stomach so that you cannot eat as much at a sitting. Malabsorptive surgeries alter the manner in which your body digests food so that you do not absorb as many calories from your meals.

In a gastric band surgery, a band is placed around the stomach to divide it into two connected sections. Since the upper section is smaller than the whole stomach, you can only eat a little bit of food at a meal before you start to feel full. This keeps you from overeating. A surgeon in Columbus Ohio specializes in Tummy Tuck surgeries but these are not the same.

A sleeve gastrectomy involves the removal of a large portion of the stomach. The remaining portion resembles a sleeve. It is a more significant operation than a gastric band, since it is irreversible.

One of the most common operations for weight loss is a gastric bypass. In this procedure, part of the stomach is sealed off and the remaining portion is directly connected to the intestine. It can lead to more rapid weight loss than the previous options.

Finally, a biliopancreatic diversion is a more involved procedure that involves the removal not only of a large portion of the stomach, but part of the small intestine as well. It can lead to even more rapid weight loss, but poses more risks as well.

Be sure to talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of each procedure so that you thoroughly understand your options before surgery.

Why Strengthening Your Knees Is Important When Training

sydney bootcamp

All fitness trainers Sydney Park agree that having strong hearty legs makes fitness training much easier. If you have ever lost your balance or fallen down on the sidewalk then you probably know how important strengthening your knees is. If you belong to the fairer sex then you should be extra careful as women are more prone to knee injury.

Why do women have knee injuries?

Scientific research has proved that about one in four women suffer from knee pain. Usually women have lesser deposits of calcium in their body and so have weaker bone structure too. Apart from these factors women are also more prone to adopting incorrect postures while running or leaping. Bad posture during high jumps leads to tears of the ACL which is one of the major knee ligaments.

How to prevent knee injury?

Personal trainers in Sydney Park say that it’s not good to land straight on the knees with an inward rotation on the feet. Female athletes commonly adopt this stance which makes them susceptible to knee injury. By contrast male athletes are naturally inclined to land on bend knees with feet pointed outwards. This stance is safer and better according to top orthopedic surgeons.

An experiment was done by a leading sports research lab in which 20 female athletes were trained for five weeks on the correct jumping technique. The end results showed a dramatically reduced tendency for ACL injury. Sydney Park fitness trainers say that athletes should first learn how to protect their knees and use their hamstring muscles correctly.

Check out for more exercise ideas.


Best Shirtless Male Celebrity Bodies

2013 is over so this is a great time to go over the hunkiest male celebrities, sans shirt.

Ryan Golsing


Ryan Gosling continues to be one of Hollywood’s biggest hunks. Just look at those abs!!

Chris Hemsworth

By the power of thor, you may not wear a shirt. Another great body that shows hard work pays off in the gym. Check out his bro Chris Evans below.

Jason Stathamchris-hemsworth-surfing


Although he is a bit older, the sexy brit never ceases to amaze me.

Chris Evans


The man who swears by intense P90x workouts got his body by trianing hard at home.


Best Volleyball Training Exercises

Volleyball skill is all about power and coordination.

If you have the right amount of power (jumping wise) then you should have no problem dominating the game on the beach with your friends or competitively on stage.

When it comes to volleyball and jumping, the 2 biggest things you need to remember is that jumping high doesn’t always mean a score.

You need to be able to jump high when the moment counts and to be able to spike the ball hard enough so that you opponent won’t be able to return the hit.

When jumping for the spike, you need to remember that the angle of your jump is just as important as how hard you actually strike.

So if you jump at a 30 degree angle, you ball strike might not be as effective as that of a volleyball player who hit a ball at a 70 degree angle. It is all about manipulating the right physics to create the maximum momentum.